Rotary District 6460

Monday August 21, 2017


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Members of the Club

Member Occupation  
Mark Amann Education  
Dave Awbrey Retired  
Chuck Barber Insurance  
Casey Beck Consumer Goods  
Jan Bleich Health Department  
Julie Boren Newspaper  
Zach Boren Attorney  
Greg Bores Horticulture  
Dan Borrowman Banking  
Jessica Borrowman Chiropractor  
Carole Bradshaw Education  
Linda Bradshaw Education  
Phil Bradshaw Agriculture  
Chris Bruns Pike County Housing  
Carolyn Casteel Retail  
Sheila Davidsmeyer Insurance/Financial  
Dawson Dean Agriculture  
Stephanie Dehart Mass Transit  
Joe Dierker Banking  
Eric Dolbeare Appraisal Farm  
Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare Marketing  
Christopher Dorsey    
Debbie Dugan Circuit Clerk  
Bill Durall Retired - Air Force  
Deb Festa Campground Management  
Jim Filbert Insurance  
Josh Filbert Insurance  
Walker Filbert Attorney/Ethanol  
Noelle Flesner Banking  
David Fuhler Radio  
Angie Goewey Hospital  
Bryan Howland Chiropractor  
Kaye Iftner Chamber of Commerce Exec. Direct.  
Michael Jennings    
Wally Lamb Retired  
Matthew Liesen Chiropractor  
Chris Little Financial Advisor  
Becky McCartney    
Patty McIntosh Health Care  
Barb McTucker Banking  
Dan Mefford Chiropractor  
Max Middendorf Engineer  
Tom Moore    
Nathan Painter Investments  
Julie Plattner Banking  
Cindy Prentice City Clerk  
Ann Revis Financial Advisor  
Jeff Stark Banking  
Erica Stewart Healthcare  
Hamer Tate Manufacturing  
Michael TenEyck Minestry  
Megan Vose Automotive  
Kent Wasson HVAC  
Gary Woods School Administration  
Harry Wright County Board  
Helen Wright Retired  


Nathan's Corner:
This Week In Rotary...

Newly inducted Rotarian, Michael Eckardt.

Welcome Michael!


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"Service Above Self"

Contact Information
Postal Address
  PO Box 145, Pittsfield, IL 62363


Meeting Time: Wednesday at 12:00 PM
Meeting Location: Community Center
224 W. Washington
Pittsfield, IL 62363




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